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DMC Internship

UI/UX Design | Factory Interfaces

Roles & Responsibilities
  • UI Design

    • Low to high-fidelity wireframes

    • Information architectures

    • Fast-paced iteration and completion

Project Context
  • 16 Weeks - Remote

  • Spring 2022

  • Sole UI/UX Design Intern

Tools Used
  • Adobe XD

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe InDesign


I was brought onto the marketing team as a UI/UX design intern in the spring of 2022. I worked on several products for 7 different clients at DMC. The projects ranged from low-fidelity wireframes showcasing the basic architecture of applications to higher-fidelity mock-ups that were implemented into factory interfaces.


The experience was a fast-paced environment with projects being completed within 1-2 weeks.


I learned a variety of topics in engineering that enriched my knowledge in human-centered design and organizational design. Most of my projects were designed for factories and were meant to be easy to use and understand as well as prevent incidents that may delay production. The experience taught me how to read P&IDs of factory lines and organize them in a digestible manner for users.


This internship taught me how to iterate quickly and with intention. My supervisor, Sam Levin, taught me keybindings that sped up my design process. I also learned about pixel precision and the affects it can have on the quality of the design and ease of hand off to engineers and developers. Through working with seasoned engineers and developers, I also learned how to notate my work that would make hand-off of these designs more efficient.


Working for DMC was incredible as I was able to continuously grow in a field I knew little of. This was my first experience working in UI/UX and set me up for success with newfound skills and a trained eye for design. My internship also made me focus more on human-centered design.


My work for this internship is under an NDA and I am unable to share specifics about these projects so please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

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