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Cargill Internship

UI/UX Design | Research & Discovery

Roles & Responsibilities
  • UI Design

    • Form creation​

    • Dashboards/data Visualization

    • Information architecture for a new feature

  • Research

    • MUI​

    • Tablet & web application standards

    • EHS competitor analysis

    • Persona & journey mapping

Project Context
  • 11 Weeks, 4 Sprints

  • Summer 2022

  • Project Team:

    • UI Designer: Cindy Phung

    • SWE: Meghna Mavilla, Kyu Hong Kim

Tools Used
  • Figma

  • FigJam

  • Trello


I was brought onto the team as a UI/UX design intern in the summer of 2022. My project dealt with adding a new feature onto Cargill’s initiative to improve worker safety within its facilities. Our new feature record and stored safety responses in an easy to navigate and visualized data that could be easily digested by users and prompt further safety action. We utilized agile methodology for continuous improvement and development of our final prototype for the client.


I spent this summer learning more about Cargill facilities and safety as well as the process of creating a new feature from scratch. I spent half of my weeks ideating and performing research to create these features and the end half of the week creating and iterating designs. I pushed myself to continuously throw myself in the shoes of the user to ensure that the final product would be catered and crafted specifically for them and improve their experience with safety and record recording.

Risk Response - Record Response - NO.png

Risk Response Form

Tablet - Risk Report - Risks.png

Risk Dashboard


This internship taught me to tackle ambiguity head on. Learning how to work within an agile team meant forcing myself to fail hard and fast in order to better understand client needs even if my ideas did not hit the mark. What was key to my performance was understanding my client’s needs and desires to create a product that could help them better visualize their ideas and the direction they would like to take their product in.


One of my proudest achievements during this internship was receiving a Research Park Intern Award for Best Business Innovation Intern for my work on this project. In my time here, I have also helped the client bring an idea to the table with a low-fidelity design to help the team prepare for the discussion of implementing the feature and its scope.


My work for this internship is under an NDA and I am unable to share specifics about this project so please reach out if you have any questions or thoughts.

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