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Full Send

Product/Experience Design | Systems Problem Solution

Roles & Responsibilities
  • Studio CEO

    • Explored System Issues

      • Research and Ideation​

    • Product Design

    • Branding

Project Context
  • 8 Weeks

  • Fall 2021

  • Sole Designer

Tools Used
  • Miro

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe InDesign

Project Prompt

Within this 8-week course, we were assigned to create a design studio unique to us that solves a systems-level issue that impacts us directly or that speaks to us. Along with this design studio, we were to extensively research these issues, ask questions, and explore how we might solve the problems our issues create. Our final deliverable was a product, service, or idea that would solve our issue as well as a website that displays our research and exploration along the way. 


The first step of this project was to create the studio. To do this, I dug deeper into what I actually wanted to take from this portion of the class. Personally, I wanted to ask the questions that needed to be asked for the sake of those that the world refused to listen to. I spent time in Miro to categorize my research questions as well as begin branding my design studio.

What is Full Send?

Full Send is the name of my design studio. To "Full Send" something is to dive in as deep as you can go with full dedication toward a goal. My goal with Full Send was to acknowledge "messy" systems issues with no clear solution or solutions that are technically feasible but may be a sore topic within social or societal standards.


We set out to tackle societal messes head-on. We want to dive into the complexities and infrastructures that allow for food insecurity to grow in intensity. In the end, we want to deconstruct systematic racism and oppression in order to move forward.


We want to see a world where people aren't struggling for their next meal. In a world where that happens, we no longer need to exist as everyone will fight injustices with each other an ensure that everyone has a warm, healthy meal to return to at the end of the day.



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